About us

The event route is the start-up of its parent company group  A & K Enterprises, Kolkata, India to integrate floating tourists and communities with several colors of music and culture across the globe. Music/ Event tourism is the act of visiting a city or town, to see a music festival/event or other music performances.

There are a large number of music events held around the world, usually annually, that attract non-local visitors. like, Summerfest, tomorrow land, etc. sometimes, it held for small tourist group in pub/disco at locations of Pattaya, Phuket, Macau, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Rio, London, Kenya, Spain, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Tashkent, Moscow, Barbados, Florida, Frankfurt, Peris, Hawai, Bangkok, Bali, Cambodia, Goa & Malaysia, etc. we are specialized in customization of such tour packages for the small and big group both.

There are also a number of annual carnivals, events that include music, dancing, and street parties. Some major ones Sonkarn at Pattaya, Bangkok & Phuket include Rio carnival in Brazil, which attracts 500,000 foreign visitors annually, and the Salvador de Bahia Carnival, Notting hill carnival London, love parade & electronic dance of Germany which is the largest street party and attracts crowds of up to two million people throughout its week-long duration. Apart from the above several events of jazz, pop, rock, hip Hop, rap & local music festivals took place each year.

There are also some cities and areas that serve as year-round destinations for music-related travel, such as New Orleans, Bayreuth in Germany, Vienna in Austria. Aix-en-Provence in France, La scala in Milan for opera and classical music, and Britain for rock music.